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Will, the priest,  is too innocent for the real world, but to lustfull for God.


"Will and Fo" is about becoming a free man, returning to the true brotherhood of life. Somewhere along the way pieces of  Will’s identity were lost, buried under rigid rulings of a small-town mind, the Catholic Church and most probably the absence of a healthy father figure.


He became a priest, because he believes in God. He never questioned the way faith was presented to him. The Church was all there was, without room for personal extravagance, sexuality, let alone to love a man.


Tormented by the fantasies of his childhood he ran from himself, his feelings, his urges, towards the repenting relief provided by his man-made God and his son Jesus Christ.

Everpresent, the man that died for his sins, but who is he? A brother, a father, the son of God they say, but to Will, the priest, the man? He is the guiding star, a form on the cross, utterly vague in his meaning. A puzzle.


Will accepts his role as a Christian without an alternative. And his demonic lust condemns him to a living hell, burning inside of him, while he strives to be the shepherd to those who seek comfort. 

One evening the boiling under his robe finds relief in a sinful act. 

He masturbates to Christ himself. It’s over, the vessel started to crack.


One who doesn’t attend to his shortcomings will fall hard and loud. That’s just how life does it. And there will always be that wonderful sense of humor in its ridiculousness.


All Will can do is run, ashamed, scared, unprepared.


He ends up on a trip to Berlin, the big city of art, sin and concrete, thrown into the journey to his true heart.


A man who lives in a bush becomes his chaperone to cross the river of sin.


All that happens to him cannot be confessed away. And the crack widens.


A bum, a maniac, a stonehead, ordinary students, a girlfriend, a trucker, a duct-taped-up dead body and the lost priest stumble through these days in their lives. 

A cemetery, a bush, a truck-cabin, a falafel bistro, a lake, an elderly home, a laundromat and other spots provide the set for a silly adventure erupting on the verge of a volcano in Italy.


The story of a horny priest.

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Claudius Franz 


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Dominik Boros

Director of Photography


Anker 1
IMK - Ich Mag Dich
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